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Well, this is what you've been waiting for (I hope) - the first public development release of The Columbus Force Project. I know it's an unwieldy name, it refers to the game engine rather than any actual game.

Download The Columbus Force Project (v0.2a - 1.0Mb)

You can also download some wallpaper files to weird up your desktop, featuring my own, custom-rendered, version of the classic Exile logo (which is copyright Superior Software, or something similar).

Warning - the BMP file versions are a bit on the large side, even when zipped. The smallest is around 150k, with the largest 330k. On the other hand, the JPGs will probably require you to use Active Desktop. The choice, as always, is yours.

res 640 x 480
bmp (zipped) | jpg

res 800 x 600
bmp (zipped) | jpg

res 1024 x 768
bmp (zipped) | jpg

Here's a variety of maps of the game.

Going hand-in-hand with the offical map above is this solution from the pages of the Micro User. You'll probably want to get that map for this solution to make sense.

Now for some lovely copyrighted material which will get me into no end of legal trouble, so I'll post a warning now:

If I get a single, solitary, tiny complaint from the copyright holders of this material (Peter Irvin, Richard Hanson of Superior, anyone from Audiogenic, etc.) this stuff will go. Disappear. For good. I mean it. I'm doing this because I'm a fan and I know you are too - I'm not out to tread on anyone's toes. These people have a legal right to stop me distributing such material, and I'll respect that. Having said that, I don't feel too bad about distributing it on a site like this - since you're fans, that must mean you used to own the game, right? Anyway, you shouldn't download these if you don't own a copy already, because that would be just plain wrong.

The fully-scanned user manual from the original BBC Micro version. Courtesy of someone called ORLOK, and downloaded from The BBC Lives!.

The scanned, OCR-ed and corrected novella, again from the original BBC version, in HTML format. If you prefer to just read it online, you can. Produced from Jeremy Smith's version (see the Links page), and refined by Dalai and Rich.

The theme tune from the Amiga version, taken directly from the MOD file on the disk. You'll need Winamp or similar to play it - I tried to convert it to MP3, but to get it sounding anywhere near good, the file size was too high. So much for new technology.

Emulatable disk-image files of the various incarnations of the game:

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